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Our Patients Say ...

Pain Relief

My thanks to Dr.Choo for not only great pain relief, but also for relief in breathing on my left side which was totally blocked. Also, my digestion has greatly improved! This really works !!!                                                       - Joy, Florida -

I am so happy to be receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr.Choo.
I have had chronic lower back and hip pain for many years. At the age of 84, there seem to be no relief. I am very active in the commynity as a volunteer. I was taking Tylonal 3 to 4 times a day and at night. Sometime alternating with aleve. Chiropractic treatment and exercise only gave little relief.
My first treatment of acupuncture was "A Miracle". I did not have the back discomfort as before. I stop taking all the pain medication as often. I can walk straight and exercise with little pain and I have less shortness of breathe.
I will say that acupuncture can be effective and it worked for me.                                                     - Viessa, Oceanside -

I have been going to Dr.Choo approximately three months and have found him to be both professional and very effective to my immediate needs.
Prior to seeing Dr.Choo, I was having a lot of back pains and since he has been treating me, I have found the back pain is much more bearable and the acupuncture seems to be working.
I will continue to see Dr.Choo should I have the need and highly recommend him for any acupuncture procedures which he recommends.                                                                                                                       - Claire, Oceanside -

Before acupuncture treatment I had to be on constant medication and was often at home with worsening symtoms like as migrane. Today, I don't even have the need to take any over the counter medication. Acupuncture alone has helped me a lot. I no longer have the need to take nearly as much medication as before.        - Diana, Oceanside -


Soothing Stomach Ache

At first time my mom had some problems in stomach. After she had taken acupuncture, she had improve now she feels good with no pain and now can sleep well.
She had some problems in her stomach, now she doesn't.                                                                - Silvia, Oceanside -


Treating Gout

Dr.Choo has been treating my Gout Condition for the past 2 months. Through acupuncture and a variety of herb treatments he has alleviated the pain and symptoms of Gout. His services have been professional and caring and would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a quality acupuncture doctor. He truly knows Eastern Medicine and is very detailed to explain cause and treatment.                               - George, Huntington Beach -


Stop Smoking

Dr. Choo, I'd like to thank you for your assistance with my addiction to tobacco. After the first week, I stopped smoking entirely with very minimal side effects. At this point, 3 weeks later, I have slight passing thoughts about "lighting up" and am very greatful to be "Smoke Free".                                                                   - Louis, Oceanside -